Tea Kettle vs Electric Kettle

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Everyone knows that liquid nitrogen is cold and everyone knows that tea kettles whistle when they’re hot, so what’s going on here??
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  • scarlette watson says:

    with tea kettles they are designed to trap in heat so it would be kinda
    obvious that the water would heat up faster and be hotter then the water
    the electric kettle warmed. but that’s just how I see it what do you think?

  • Boris theBlade says:

    what sort of poverty kettle is that? no way a stove and ‘tea kettle’ would
    beat a modern proper kettle

  • eduki says:

    A good Kettle can do it in 2 minutes ;)

  • S. McCloy says:

    My electric stove top cost 30 seconds longer than the electric kettle.That
    is it both take about 6 minutes.

  • S. McCloy says:

    But the electric kettle can be insulated then you place eggs in it and when
    it clicks off you let it sit for 15 minutes and you have near instant eggs?
    Closest I have come to an automatic hard boiled eggs.

  • A Brown Kettle says:

    Ya’ll need to get yourselves a brown kettle. 

  • Oliver Fernandes says:

    Hey whats that high tech thermometer you used at 1:21….do you have a
    purchase link for it?

  • Kettle Folks says:

    Awesome video. Can we embed this video on our website if you permit? I run
    a blog about electric kettles.

  • DarkRyder says:

    I Rather Have Electric Tea Kettle Period And WHY?….I Go Less To Thee
    Kitchen And Soo I Do NNO0TT Spend Time Inn Thee Kitchen….

  • ForkNPlate says:
  • Aaron Fang Shenhao says:

    What happens if you drink liquid nitrogen, beside the fact that you will

  • tx44x says:

    What would happen if you tried to heat liquid nitrogen in its liquid form
    if you was able to control the pressure so it does not explode?.

  • DaftKnightLP says:

    This really isn’t that interesting, the whistle on a kettle doesn’t need
    heat to make noise, it’s like a harmonica it just needs enough moving air,
    and clearly nitrogen expands when it heats up, just like water except more
    rapid, causing the kettle to whistle from escaping gas. The gas makes the
    whistle, the only thing heat affects is the nitrogen

  • rizendell says:

    it doesnt matter what you put in the kettle, as long as it boils :)

  • Kory Flansburg says:

    Wish i could attend these talks…or i guess teachings. Even though i knew
    why it boiled.. its so interesting to see someone demonstrate it like this
    with this kind of passion and knowledge.

  • Sebastian Manriquez says:

    I want a physics teacher like that…

  • jowie luy says:

    where can i watch the full talk??? plss and thnk you 

  • Jon Tri says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  • Lawan Brown says:

    *sighs* all that liquids nitrogen being spilled… you can just put it in a
    vial and send it to my house.

  • kittehlovr2468 says:

    Can u make a video of a ENTIRE lecture please? I am in 6th grade but you
    completely capture my attention

  • Qermaq says:

    Nonsensical? You meant “unpopular”. So long as measurement is done
    accurately and consistently, it does not matter what system is used in
    science. What if the advanced aliens across the galaxy who find us are
    using another system? Should they change to metric?

  • wvang0013 says:

    Hey guys really enjoy your show. I have a question though, what happens
    when you put liquid nitrogen in a glass container? will it shatter? Also,
    what if you throw that glass container at a wall or something metal, will
    the liquid nitrogen freeze whatever it comes into contact with?

  • Jefferson Lab says:

    Sorry. Not likely.

  • aggierockhunter says:

    awww mannn!

  • PasoFreak says:

    @Jordzter91 Lol do these people look like college students??? Their
    children!! So of course it’s simple! Don’t be rude

  • Jefferson Lab says:

    This is where he works. The students came to Jefferson Lab for the

  • Jefferson Lab says:

    No, the whole presentation isn’t on YouTube. The other segments that have
    been uploaded are called “Should a person touch 200,000 Volts?” and “Liquid
    Nitrogen and Fire!” Other segments may also make their way up.

  • ocarinaalli says:

    i would have loved to have a teacher like this when i was in school…
    class would have been so much fun.

  • Jefferson Lab says:

    Yes, it has everything to do with the Leidenfrost effect.

  • MadHatterLOLiSmAd says:

    4:58 “I wouldn’t go drinking it.” *looks at related videos* “Drinking
    liquid nitrogen” SEEMS LEGIT.

  • warzer0 says:

    …. O.o I’m a touch surprised that the glass on the overhead didn’t
    shatter from a thermal shock when he put the glass on it.

  • Alan J. Ortiz says:

    why go to other place if our class rom is here in youtube 🙂 , is the same
    to be there or watch it here, the only no big deal problem is that we learn
    in parts :). thanx JeffersonLab teachers 🙂

  • Filip. says:

    can you please make a video with solid nitrogen so we can watch it melt
    into liquid nitrogen? Or even solid oxygen will do? Please?

  • Jefferson Lab says:

    @Jon58004 Freezing liquid nitrogen is on our list of things to do!

  • DJ2976DJ says: